City Of Westland

"Actron has become not just a vendor to my team but a truly integrated partner who is both creative and responsive to our changing needs."

Daniel J. Bourdeau
Chief Innovation Officer
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Westland, Michigan


CCTV Systems

Mr. Ruddell:

I'm writing today to express my deepest gratitude to you, your staff, and the entire Actron team. As you know Actron has been a long time partner with the Westland Police Department in providing physical security solutions as well as video surveillance solutions to the department. That Actron continues to win business in upgrades, enhancements, and expansions with the police department is a testament in itself to your team's commitment to quality.

More recently Actron has partnered with my department, the Department of Innovation and Technology for the City. When my department was tasked with securing and surveilling all other city properties Actron was both ready and capable of delivering solutions on both a large and small scale.

Actron has become not just a vendor to my team, but a truly integrated partner who is both creative and responsive to our changing needs. The work your team completed on our new $10.6-million-dollar City Hall has been reviewed and envied by a number of other local municipalities for its design and function. I'm proud, and more importantly confident, every time I'm able to refer a colleague to you and Actron.

We've presented a number of challenging installations in location, environmental factors, and budget constraints and each time Actron has crafted an innovative and successful solution. Whether it's been outdoors in complete darkness to retrofitting old facilities that were never designed for the type of security solutions we desired your team has exceeded expectation each time.

I look forward to continued opportunities in the near future to work with you and your team and sincerely thank you for everything you do for us - you're part of my team!
Daniel J. Bourdeau, Chief Innovation Officer

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