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Virtual Presence: Live Dedicated CCTV Remote Monitoring

Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security.

Reduce liabilities and save up to 60% off your security budget.

City Of Westland

Actron has become not just a vendor to my team but a truly integrated partner who is both creative and repsonsive to our changing needs.

Daniel J. Bourdeau, Chief Innovation Officer
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Westland, MI

CCTV Systems

Oaklawn Hospital

The main reason we choose Actron again and again is the consistent, reliable staff that they employ who install right the first time for the price they state.

Joanna Tarkiewicz, Plant Operations
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Marshall, MI

Access Control Systems

Gorno Ford

I highly recommend your technology system, prompt service and your Monitoring Facility to any dient wanting to protect their property using trained professionals viewing your Analytics System.

Mr. Smith, Manager
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Woodhaven, MI

CCTV Systems

Signal Restoration

The most impressive security system I have ever seen. This system allows me piece of mind and the added value of knowing my properties are covered by your CCTV VIRTUAL PRESENCE TEAM. The elimination of guards and the cost savings offered by your system has added significant value to my company and its financial bottom line.

Frank Torre, CEO
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Troy, MI

CCTV Systems


I am immensely pleased with the products and services provided by Actron Integrated Security Systems. My firm has worked with various types of security services but Actron's technology intensive approach and personalized service puts it at the top of my list.

Dan Burbulla, General Manager
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Bingham Farms, MI

CCTV Systems

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