Virtual Presence: Live Dedicated CCTV Remote Monitoring

Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security.

Reduce liabilities and save up to 60% off your security budget.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am immensely pleased with the products and services provided by Actron Integrated Security Systems. My firm has worked with various types of security services but Actron's technology intensive approach and personalized service puts it at the top of my list.

The recommended hybrid approach of standard cameras along with high definition PTZ cameras has provided us the correct level of security for our business. This hardware along with the 24/7 monitoring center puts my mind at ease even though we handle a very high value, theft prone product.

The benefits in addition to security that Actron has provided are:

  • Reduced guard cost
  • Improved insurance cost; property and personal injury
  • Increased accountability with 3rd parties as all events are recorded for review
  • Improved productivity of VASCOR associates

VASCOR's senior management team is also very pleased with Actron. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my business associates.


Dan Burbulla, General Manager

Bingham Farms, MI

CCTV Systems

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