Oaklawn Hospital

Virtual Presence: Live Dedicated CCTV Remote Monitoring

Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security.

Reduce liabilities and save up to 60% off your security budget.

We at Oaklawn Hospital have worked exclusively with Actron Integrated Security Systems, Inc. as our security hardware and software partner for over 15 years. Actron has just the products we need to perform the security functions like specialized cameras and card access and push button door operators. The ease of the computer-end of the software has been equally important to us. The main reason we choose Actron again and again is the consistent, reliable staff that they employ who installations right the first time for the price they state. They are available whenever we call, look out for our best interest and behave like they are extensions of our own staff.

Joanna Tarkiewicz, Plant Operations

Marshall, MI

Access Control Systems

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