Aaron Bishop

Systems & Field Manager

Virtual Presence: Live Dedicated CCTV Remote Monitoring

Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security.

Reduce liabilities and save up to 60% off your security budget.


Aaron is the System and Field Manager for Actron. He has been with Actron for over 10 years and is instrumental in designing security systems and managing all of Actron’s installation and service teams in the field. Aaron works with clients to find essential contract requirements, site conditions, manufacture specifications, and building codes necessary to develop and design electronic security solutions that are right for our clients.

Aaron works with our Project Design Specialist to certify and confirm that each system design concept and equipment meet all system prerequisites and can work with all environmental situations and limitations. Aaron often relies on his expertise to fully integrate customers existing security with their new electronic security solutions.

Aaron’s experience and design capabilities have made Aaron a favored professional amongst Actron’s clients. New and old clients alike often request and rely on Aaron as their point of contact before, during, and after their security projects. Part of Aaron’s training includes graduating from the National Center for Construction Education and Research. He has taken several courses aimed at increasing his expertise in the system design field including (but not limited to) Electrical Safety, Electrical Blueprints Reading & Design, Construction Math and Safety, and Rigging.

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