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Actron, a full-service integrator of high-tech security solutions, provides personalized "Virtual Presence" services. We remain on the lookout for you 24/7 using any number of security solutions:

Access Control Systems

Actron provides access control systems from single door or gate to multi-access systems to handle the number of access points that you need covered. Actron's access control system can be integrated with scan cards, badging, video, telephone entry and biometrics. The system architecture is adapted specifically to your company's needs. Our systems are designed to adapt to all security and IT environments, today and in the future.

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CCTV Systems

Our CCTV systems are based upon your needs and specifications. The sophistication of the cameras and the cost are determined by the risk and the level of security you select. All of our CCTV systems can integrate into our complete Virtual Presence solution.

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Government Sales

Actron Security Alarm Systems is proud to be a GSA Federal Supply Contractor, with a long history of serving local, state, and federal government agencies. Actron is pleased to help our government keep America’s borders, airports, federal installations and buildings, school districts, industrial complexes, and retail locations safe for our citizens.

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Electronic Monitoring

Actron is experienced in the design, implementation, and maintenance of electronic GPS technology to monitor both criminals and assets. Actron provides a diverse assortment of GPS tethers to meet your needs.

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Intrusion Alarms

What distinguishes Actron Systems from our competitors is our high level of customer service and technology. Actron System's security team will evaluate your facility and design a system that is custom tailored to your company's needs. After installation, our command center will monitor your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Intrusion Alarms help prevent inside and outside risks. Our alarms include fire detection, burglary, breaking and entering, and panic alarms.

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Virtual Presence

Live Dedicated Remote Security is Actron System's all-encompassing integrated security solution. Using today's latest advancements in technology and communications, Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security. Virtual Presence reduces the liability of utilizing security guards and creates a higher level of efficiency. Combined with theft and intruder protection, Virtual Presence — Live Dedicated Remote Security can save up to 60% off your security budget.

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