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Virtual Presence: Live Dedicated CCTV Remote Monitoring

Actron Systems remotely monitors your facility from our command center, offering complete and comprehensive security.

Reduce liabilities and save up to 60% off your security budget.


Actron an MBE/GSA Supplier of CCTV products and services, can custom design a system that will meet your CCTV/Security Requirements. Actron, will custom design a system based on our discussion with you and your security team. The goal of this design is to provide a system that meets your full security needs. Based upon our history, Actron has been a leader in providing custom designed systems that meet your needs. Please call us at (313) 383-0770 for an appointment to discuss your security needs.


  • Maintained and serviced by our video professionals
  • Engineered for any type of environment
  • Built to withstand explosions and vandalism
  • Equipped with full color and night vision technology
  • Modified for a full range of movement-pan, tilt, zoom
  • Designed to work on specific monitoring platforms
  • Cost effective CCTV Technology
  • Video Analytics
  • 24 Hour Video Monitoring
  • CCTV Mobile Security Access
  • MBE/GSA – Minority spend

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